FBCM is first and foremost a ministry to serve God and is offered free to the surrounding community. We seek to be a healing place in a hurting world and to serve God by helping others through the counseling ministry.

Our first contact with someone seeking help is usually a phone call or personal request. Afterwards, we ask that a personal data inventory sheet (PDI) be completed and returned to the office. The information is used to match perceived need with the appropriate counselor. Following the receipt of the PDI an initial session is scheduled.

At FBCM God’s Word is the standard and our sessions involve applying God’s Word to issues and situations. However, the counseling is not a Bible study or just quoting Scripture at problems, application of the Word is needed. We are not to be just hearers of the Word, but doers as well. The growth which occurs in counseling occurs between sessions with weekly applicable homework. FBCM encourages accountability and growth. We believe God’s Word contains necessary instruction and truth to live a godly life.

We are ever mindful of the presence of the Holy Spirit during each session. The Holy Spirit changes lives. After the initial session, ongoing sessions are formed around the previous homework, but we are always ready to follow the leading from the Holy Spirit.

If you are interested in attending counseling sessions please call (210) 698-2880. You do not have to leave your name just a way of contact (phone or e-mail).FBCM currently has four certified National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC) and others who have received all or part of the initial training. The counselors receive ongoing support and training through regional conferences and the yearly national meeting. Our goal is to have at least ten certified and able counselors in order to help others make lasting change in their lives. If you feel God calling you to this ministry or you would like more information about training to become a counselor, or simply learning how to use God’s Word to strengthen your walk with Him, contact Andy Barclay at (210) 698-2880.


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